Physical Science & Mathematics Workshops

Academic Workshops are available at specific times during the year, for Physical Science & Mathematics. These workshops are designed in such a way as to offer learners a general revision in theory as well as practise in carrying out calculations, before tests or examinations. Workshops are split up into sections, and learners may choose to attend one or more workshops, depending on which sections they would like to work on.

 Workshops cover the following:

  • General theory revision
  • Types of test / exam questions for learners to expect
  • Correct interpretation of questions
  • Steps and correct layout of calculations, based on marking methods

    Workshops are carried out in a small group-environment, and are a great way to revise material before a test or examination. Workshops are particularly useful prior to matric exams (either mid-year, mock, or final exams).

     Please note that workshops are focused at general revision, and do not address the individual background misconceptions that some learners may have. In cases where learners are missing background theory or understanding, they should consider attending Extra Private Tuition Classes to clear up these misconceptions.

    Workshops can also be individually designed and planned for, for groups of 5 learners or more, depending on availability.

     For more information regarding current workshops, to book for a workshop, or to request a workshop to be designed for a group of 5 learners or more, please contact Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition.
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