Private Extra Tuition Classes

Private Extra Tuition Classes are offered for Physical Science & Mathematics (All Grades, up to Grade 12).


The Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition programme is a unique Academic programme, that is learner-based, goal-orientated and structured according to the individual abilities and needs of each learner.


Work schedules are created individually for each learner, according to their abilities in Physical Science and Mathematics. These work schedules are used as a guide for the Term, and where possible, follow in the same order in which the work is completed at the learner’s school. In some cases sections from past grades or Terms may need to be taught again where the foundational understanding is missing or not sufficient. These sections will then be worked into the work schedule.


Each lesson is carried out by a qualified educator with the necessary technical and teaching background to optimise learning. Once learners join the Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition programme, they will only work with one Tutor throughout an Academic Term. This ensures that no misconceptions are created by the different methods used by different Tutors.


During the Term, a variety of Assessment methods are carried out. These Assessment methods are broad and qualitative rather than quantitative. Learner cognitive patterns, background theory, understanding and carrying out of calculations etc are all assessed and corrected or reinforced, as needed.


Classes are not held as group lessons. Lessons are individually planned for each learner, before each lesson. This means that the pace of the lessons is determined by the learner. More time will be spent on sections that require more attention, and there is no “group pace” to keep up with. This ensures that the learner cannot fall behind his / her peers.


For more information, contact Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition for an Assessment. This Assessment is free of charge, and allows both parents and learner to meet with the Tutor to discuss academic needs and goals. The Assessment also provides a reference point which can be used to develop an individual work schedule for the learner, if he / she would like to join the programme.

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