Academic Scribe

In South Africa, education is inclusive, and learner-centred. This means that rather than trying to adapt learners to fit into a mainstream system, the system is adapted, where possible, to accommodate learners with barriers to learning.

For learners with barriers to reading and or writing, Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tutoring offers an Academic Scribe service for tests or examinations.

Please note that it is the responsibility of parents to approach their child’s school, in order to follow the required procedure before a learner can be diagnosed with a reading and / or writing barrier. Once permission has been granted by the Headmaster, the parent may then contact Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & tuition to book an Academic Scribe for a specific written test or exam.

An Academic Scribe is only available for facilitation and scribing for tests and or exams during school hours, and in some circumstances, after school hours. Please book as early as possible to ensure the availability of the Scribe. 

The Academic Scribe will facilitate in the writing and / or reading (where necessary) of tests or exams, but will in no way assist the learner academically. The learner’s final mark will be a direct reflection of their own ability and not of the academic skill and knowledge of the Scribe.

The Academic Scribe Service is available for all Grades, up to and including Grade 12. For Mathematics and Physical Science, it is important for the Scribe to be able to correctly interpret the learners verbal responses regarding mathematical calculations during a test or exam. Using technical background (Mathematics and Physical Science), the Scribe will effectively interpret and write down the learner’s responses as accurately as possible.

For more information, or to book an Academic Scribe for a Test or Examination, please contact Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition.

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