Academic Mentoring

Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders.

The process of creating a leader begins at a young age and the Academic Mentoring programme offered by Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition ensures that learners develop their full potential, before they reach Grade 10.


A large focus is placed on Academics between Grades 9 and 12, and very little focus is placed on the preparation of learners before these grades.


The Academic Mentoring programme is aimed at learners from Grade 1 to Grade 8, and focuses on the following:


  • Time-table planning
  • Building organizational skills
  • Teaching learners to be independent and responsible for themselves and their own academic work
  • Goal-setting and step-by-step methods to Goal-achievement (both academic and personal)
  • Motivation
  • Time-management
  • Study Techniques and Methods
  • Homework Supervision
  • Subject-Specific Help (Language, Maths, Writing, Spelling etc)


The Academic Mentoring programme is structured individually around each learner. A Mentor with experience in Academic Mentoring will monitor and note the progress of the learner throughout the Term, and a detailed report will be sent to parents at the end of each Term.


Learners that have the advantage of working with a Mentor will develop the necessary skills to help them excel once they reach High School. Study techniques mastered in Primary School can be used and built on throughout High School, giving learners a head start.


This programme is excellent not only as a preparation for High School, but also for learners who battle to find motivation within themselves to plan, organize, focus, and study on their own.


For more information, contact Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition for an Assessment. This Assessment is free of charge, and allows both parents and learner to meet with the Mentor to discuss academic needs and goals. The Assessment also provides a reference point which can be used to develop an individual Term Planner for the learner, if he / she would like to join the programme.

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