Questions Parents Should Ask

When searching for an Academic Tutor for your child, it is important to ask the following questions:

  • Is the Tutor qualified?

Beware of students or people without experience who advertise themselves as “Tutors”. Make sure your Tutor is a properly qualified educator, who holds a technical degree as well as a teaching degree;

  • Will the Tutor be the only person working with your child?

If your child is going to be tutored by more than one person (for example in a group lesson, with more than one Tutor present), this could give rise to confusion. Each Tutor has a different method of explaining and carrying out calculations, therefore it is best for your child to work with only one Tutor;

  • How big is the class?

In a large group, the contact time with the Tutor is minimised. If the same Tutor cannot check up on your child at least once every 3-4 minutes, then there is a possibility that errors and misconceptions in thought processes could be overlooked;

  • Does your child want to better himself / herself academically?

Enrolling your child into a good Academic programme is the first step to success – but without motivation and willingness to work from the learner’s side, progress will be hampered. Remember: the Tutor is there to guide, motivate, teach, assess, and support learners, but once the lesson has ended, it is the responsibility of the learner to go home and revise all the work completed before writing a test or examination.



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